SINCO lab service design

improve the service in the university of Lapland

7/22/20222 min read

Service Design Project 2

Design Space

SINCO workshop – Innovation in Lapland

photo of dining table and chairs inside room
photo of dining table and chairs inside room
Problem Statement

How Technology Can Help in Co-Innovation ?

Design plays a growing role in the public sector.

Designers’ tools and service design processes have put an emphasis on empathy for the users, creativity, visual thinking, and co-design.

SinCo focus on how co-innovation with users can be done in the public sector, and how the service design tools – service prototyping in specific – are able to help in doing this.

How do we improve the SinCo Service and find the solution for stakeholder to overcome the pain point?

Service Design process

After research, we find the problem in the space and the need of the user is not fulfilled, we find the main problem is :

  • The space Is messy

  • The device doesn't work

  • Support doesn't work well

  • There is no process owner

    In the Define phase, we make 3 HMW here:

  • Create efficient and usable feedback and review system

  • Make Sinco Lab understandable

  • Make Sinco users feel safe and comfortable


Connect Service

It is Design Sprints, some team makes imagination solution like us AI, create new document system or create "controller can control every digital product", for us all this solution is too "fantasize" tech and it is not a practical solution, because it does not answer:

how to train AI? why people give you access to document their thought? why create more controllers and more products in this overproduced world? they did not think about the cyber security issues and why the apple system does not operate with the Windows system, there is law regulation about the bandwidth of the products by ITU(International Telecommunication Union).

Our solution is:

Change how the system works and redesign the space, using the stuff and system that already exist as a base, add feasible technology to improve the flow, and record the outcome, so the data can be analyzed.

My final reflection is:

  • the designer has to think about privacy and security when they do design for the whole system and users, ethic design is the way to go

  • The designer has to understand how tech work or they will think tech is a magic wand that can make everything happen, it will make conflict when they work in the real business world