Arriving and Leaving

Arriving and leaving is always happened in our life,we arrive at school, office, art event, home, ect.. everyday, the small events group together, it become the story of our life.

We arrive at one place, create memories that stay with us, no matter what kind of memories we create, able to feel and sense makes us feel alive.

In this art and music events, we would like to invite you to feel and sense, not just see. Use your ear to hear, Use your heart to feel ,Use your brain to think, what is meaning of arriving and leaving for you.

"Con te partirĂ²" ("With You I Shall Depart") is an Italian song , in English version is Time to say goodbye. If you just translate from the words, it may seems you are saying goodbye, but lyrics are like stories, there are many layers of lyrics, what is Goodbye really mean here? For some people goodbye is good thing, for some people it is emotional things, so please feel free to interpret what is the lyrics mean.


SALLA, the border with many histories

We got a wonderful experience to see now and past history of Finland

make sun art, juice painting and create an unforgettable memory .